MagCAD iPhone case with Wahoo mount.


2. 3D Design

We have a huge wealth of experience when it comes to product design and together we can turn your ideas into reality. We're flexible in the way we work, either taking sole responsibility for managing your project or working alongside your existing team.

Designs are not limited to the 3D printed parts you see catalogued here. We're experienced with sheet metal components, free form modelling, bodywork, tool design and composites.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D Design

With computer aided design (CAD) the scope is only limited by your imagination.

We've worked on projects within the automotive, aerospace, retail & sports industries.

If the end goal is to develop and produce a physical component we can share our industry experience, optimising the design for manufacture (DFM).

We can create and share data in most file formats. CAD is typically shared in STP or IGES formats, which are industry standards. We can export STL files if you wish to 3D print the design. We also have the ability to create photorealistic images from the design in PNG and JPG format.

We can certainly help take a design all the way to production, either one-off prototypes or full scale manufacturing.


As you'd expect, the design costs vary depending on the time and involvement required.

We will discuss the project with you before any work is undertaken and there's no obligation until the scope of the work and the price has been agreed.

Lead Time

The lead time for our 3D design services vary depending on our workload and involvement. We recommend booking early if you require a fast turn around as the service is very popular.

If you wish to enquire about our 3D design services please send us a message.

You may have sketches, dimensions or 3D files you wish to share with us to backup the discussion. The more information you can provide the less work we need to undertake and therefore the lower the cost.

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