MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount
MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount
MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount
MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount
MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount

MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount

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Mount your Garmin Edge 1030/1040 computer in front of your Roval Rapide integrated cockpit with this MagCAD mount.

What's Included

1x 3D printed mount, 1x M4x20mm cap screw.

The Garmin device and Roval handlebars are pictured for reference only and not included.


This mount is a slight variation of our very popular Garmin 1040 Specialized Mount and Garmin 1040 Roval Alpinist Mount, subtly modified to fit the latest Roval Rapide cockpit. The design is specific to the Roval Rapide cockpit; featuring a lower device position, reduced frontal area and modified contacting face.

The mount is extremely strong and stiff, keeping your device securely positioned in front of your handlebars. It weighs 19 grams (with hardware) compared with 36 grams for the OEM Roval Mount, a 17 gram (47%) weight saving.

The MagCAD Garmin 1040 Roval Rapide Mount is designed to suit the largest Garmin Edge 1030 & 1040 devices but will work with all Garmin Edge devices. Please note there is a shorter version of this mount designed for the smaller Garmin Edge devices.

Please note this mount will not fit the Roval Alpinist cockpit.


Fitting the MagCAD mount is a simple process. Simply screw the mount into the threaded insert on the underside of your Roval Rapide handlebars and tighten to 2.7Nm (torque specified by Specialized). We recommend using a thread locking compound before installing the screw and periodically check the screw remains tight and secure.

Compatible With:
  • All Garmin Edge devices.
  • Roval Rapide integrated cockpit.
  • Weight: 19 grams (without hardware), 21 grams (with hardware).

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