MagCAD SRAM AXS Blips TT Mounts - 24mm
MagCAD SRAM AXS Blips TT Mounts - 24mm
MagCAD SRAM AXS Blips TT Mounts - 24mm
MagCAD SRAM AXS Blips TT Mounts - 24mm
MagCAD SRAM AXS Blips TT Mounts - 24mm

MagCAD SRAM AXS Blips TT Mounts - 24mm

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Mount you SRAM AXS Wireless Blips (SRAM Model ID EC-BLIP-B1) to TT extensions measuring 24mm external diameter.

What's Included
  • 2x 3D printed mounts including expanding plugs.
  • 2x M4x45mm cap screws.
  • 2x M4 Nyloc nuts.
  • 2x O-rings.

The SRAM AXS Blips and TT extensions pictured are for reference only and not included.


This pair of mounts allow you to attach a set of SRAM AXS Blips to the front of your TT extensions. They replicate a bar end plug to minimise aerodynamic impact whilst keeping your SRAM AXS Blips held secure and right at your fingertips.

These work fantastic on a time trial specific bike setup for speed or normal road bike fitted with TT extensions for endurance & comfort.

These mounts are designed for TT extensions measuring 24mm external diameter and 20.5mm minimum inner diameter, typical of Deda TT extensions.


To fit your SRAM AXS Blip to the 3D printed mount:

  • Locate the tab on the bottom of the SRAM Blip into the 3D printed mount.
  • Push the Blip into the mount so it sits flush.
  • Stretch the rubber O-ring, supplied, over the 3D printed mount and Blip, ensuring it sits correctly in the groove and the Blip is held securely.

To fit the mount to your TT extensions:

  • Locate the wedge with a hex slot on one face and install the M4 Nyloc nut, supplied.
  • Pair this wedge with the second wedge so the angled faces join, forming a complete cylinder.
  • Install the wedges into the bar end, so the groove on one side of the cylinder locates in a slot inside the bar end. Rotate the wedges until you feel it locate vertically.
  • Install the M4x45mm cap screw through the front of the bar end, through the wedges and into the M4 Nyloc nut.
  • Loosely tighten the M4 cap screw until the wedges begin to expand in diameter.
  • Install the 3D printed assembly onto your 24mm TT extensions and tighten the M4 cap screw until the mount does not move on your bars. Minimal torque, approx. 0.5Nm, should be required if the assembly is correct.
  • Periodically check the mount remains secure.
Compatible With:
  • SRAM AXS Wireless Blips (SRAM Model ID EC-BLIP-B1).
  • TT Extensions measuring 24mm external diameter, 20.5mm minimum internal diameter.
  • Weight: 26 grams (without hardware) per side, 31 grams (with hardware) per side.

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